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Stem Cell Therapy - Stem Cell Therapy in MexicoStem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy

About Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have a natural ability to repair damaged tissue, however, in people with degenerative diseases, they are not released quickly enough to fully repair damaged tissue. In the case of fat stem cells, they may not be released at all. The process of actively extracting, concentrating and administering these stem cells has been shown in clinical trials to have beneficial effects in degenerative conditions.

In general terms and for a better understanding, it is summarized that there are 2 main groups of stem cells.



Obtained from the own patient

A).- From Adipose Tissue
B).- From Bone Marrow
C).- From Peripheral Blood
D).- From Human Umbilical Cord
        (If you keep it at the time of birth in a special cell-bank)


Obtained from a healthy donor

A).- From Human Umbilical Cord
B).- From Human Placenta
C).- Pre-Differentiated Stem Cells:
        Neural, Chondrocytes, Liver, Cardiomyocytes (Heart), Renal tubule,         Bone Tissue.


Stem Cell Therapy

Performing therapies with Mesenquimal autologous or/and Allogeneic stem cells gives to the body an opportunity to recover its health and vigor using natural agents.

Therapy with fresh cells is based on the fact that worn away tissue can regenerate itself if it finds the necessary tools. These tools are provided by Mesenchymal stem cells with all of its components (stem cells, growth factors, proteins, etc.).

Often, because of various reasons related to age or to very particular circumstances, the natural liberation of bone marrow or adipose tissue components into the blood are not enough to repair damaged tissues, there could be external agents, obstacles or chemical agents that could be preventing it.

Cellular therapy is helpful when organs, tissues or organic systems display fatigue signs, tiredness, weakness and degeneration. Results are achieved if the affected organ -damaged tissue- is still capable of reacting to stimulation with all of the components, improving its condition from its source and eliminating the indirect effect in the health of the patient. This biological effect renews the body’s systems, stimulates and reestablishes the organic function.

Due to damaged tissue regeneration capacity and the ability to detect it, the stem cells have a wide range of cellular therapy applications. For example, the procedure regenerates tissues and organs for patients suffering from a degenerative or chronic disease caused by age, diseases or external and consequential agents.

The organs with better regenerative response have been: Heart, Joints, Brain, Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System, Pancreas and Liver, including very broad conditions from poor tissue operation to advanced organ failure like the ones where a transplant is required.

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have achieved satisfactory results, as have patients with Cerebral Vascular conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Spine Cord Injuries, ALS, and Optical Nerve Atrophy among others.

On the other hand, healthy people who do not have a chronic condition or degenerative disease, but simply wish to preserve the body in good condition, can replenish their physical and mental force. However, stress and unhealthy habits are toxic factors for the body, they aggravate and age tissues prematurely, previous clinical studies suggest that tissue regeneration has a health-enhancing and anti-aging effect.

The use of stem cells and their progenitors is a promising strategy in cellular and genetic therapies for multiple degenerative disorders.

At our clinic, we offer Stem Cell treatments with enhanced and activated stem cells. These expanded and activated stem cells have been found to provide better results than non-manipulated stem cell applications.